Cashman on Ollie: Not now, thanks

You could practically hear the sighs of relief across the Yankosphere as GM Brian Cashman today shot down the possibility of Oliver Perez, released by the Mets on Monday, could become a Yankee any day soon. Asked to express his level of interest in Perez, Cashman said "None. Not at this time. Based on what we’ve seen thus far it’s not something that make sense.''

That doesn't mean, however, that Yankees were entirely uninterested in the idea. "I was asked from above me just to look into it just to be certain, because we always look into everything,'' Cashman said. "But it’s not something that right now makes much sense for us from everything we’ve seen. But like all these players it doesn’t mean he can’t find his way back over time.''

With all the reclamation projects currently in progress in Yankee camp, taking on one as large as Perez seems like one the Yankees can happily pass on.