Where'd all the Yankee fans go?

The ones who can afford to come to the ballpark, I mean. I realize it's a small sample and there have been mitigating factors such as the chilly, wet spring and the NCAA championship game going up against the game Monday night, but attendance for the first four games this season is down about 8,000 fans, or about 5%, compared to the first four games of last season. And compared to 2009, the inaugural season for the new $1.6 billion ballpark, the difference is 11,034 fewer fans, or about 7.5%.

Plus, it certainly looked like a lot fewer fans were in the park than the announced attendance of 40,311 Monday night, the smallest announced crowd since the new park opened two years ago. of course, a lot of those poeple could have been seeking refuge from the cold--and spending mucho dinero -- in one of the many restaurants and shops inside the concourse.

Again, too early to make a judgment but it is certainly a trend that bears watching. Could it be that the combination of the new $35 parking fee, the $13.00 roundtrip bridge tolls and gas prices nearing $4 a gallon is deterring people from going to the ballpark? Stay tuned.