Logan's leadoff walk leads to game-winning run

In the Yankees pitchers and catcher scouting sessions before they faced the Twins, a point was made to emphasize the importance of keeping Twins leadoff hitter Denard Span off the base paths.

“He’s kind of the guy that gets them going,” Yankees catcher Russell Martin said. “When he gets on base, everybody seems to go.

For Boone Logan, he learned that less the hard way. Entering in the top of the 10th inning, Logan faced Span to leadoff the inning, eventually walking him on a full count. Two batters later, the Twins plated the winning run.

Logan’s walk to Span led to the Yankees demise during their 5-4 loss in extra innings to the Twins Tuesday night. Logan was saddled with the loss after giving up two hits and one walk to the three hitters he faced. He didn't record an out.

“Anytime you get a leadoff walk, what’s the percentage that they score,” Logan said. “They’re all bad, but a situation like that in a tied game, last thing you want to do is walk somebody, especially a leadoff hitter.”

Walking Span led to a series of misfortunate events for Logan. The Twins No. 2 hitter, Tsuyoshi Nishioka, tried to bunt over Span but fouled off the first two pitches. Ahead o-2, Logan, in his own words, “gave him a cookie down the middle” and Nishioka smacked the pitch to right field to put runners on the corners with no outs.

With two men on, the Yankees brought the infield in with Joe Mauer up, and Mauer hit a shot to second base that would’ve been an easy out at normal depth, but instead scooted by Robinson Cano with him on the infield grass and gave the Twins a 5-4 lead. Logan’s night ended with that pitch.

“If they’re at normal depth, he’s still going to score from third so that’s what we had to do was come in on that,” Logan said. “That’s just the way Mauer is on me, he gets lucky. Broke his bat, hit it on the ground, exactly what I wanted him to do. I was hoping to get a play at the plate but he just kind of hit it through the hole, playing in.”

While there were plenty of Yankee goats on this night, Logan ended up being the pitcher who ultimately cost the team the game, leaving him downtrodden after the game.

“Gotta say it’s one of those games,” Logan said. “It leaves a bad taste in your mouth. Gotta take it with a grain of salt and move on to the next day.”