Manny Banuelos a lefty possibility? Yes, just not yet

In time, 20-year-old, super prospect Manny Banuelos could be the Yankees answer for Pedro Feliciano likely being out for the year, just not yet.

Banuelos, though, potentially could be the great equalizer to offset the loss of the Feliciano. With Banuelos, on an innings limit, he could arrive in the Bronx like Joba Chamberlain did in 2007 and be the lefty out of the pen.

"He is not an option right now," GM Brian Cashman said. "Could he pitch for us in 2011? He could pitch for us in 2011 possibly, but he is not being considered right now."

Banuelos' season was delayed as he dealt with his grandmother being sick. He has now returned to be with Double-A Trenton.

"He has like seven outings in Double-A in his career so he is not an option right now," Cashman said. "He may become one. It is not something even on the table right now. I would admit it is possible at some point you could see him here, but it is not something that is on our radar now."

In the meantime, Newark Star-Ledger reported that Banuelos could be headed to the minor league DL with a blister. Dellin Betances, the Yankees' second best pitching prospect, is already on the DL with a blister.