Girardi confident things will turn around for floundering Yankees

The New York Yankees haven’t been playing good baseball lately.

They’ve lost three games in a row and seven of their last 10 to fall out of first place in the American League East.

After losing 5-4 to the Boston Red Sox on Friday night the Yankees (20-16) now trail the Tampa Bay Rays by two games in the division.

“We’re not the only club to have a bad stretch in baseball,” manager Joe Girardi said before Saturday night’s game against the Red Sox. “There’s been a lot of clubs. The club that we’re facing today; the club in our division that’s in first place, they both went through it.

“You know that it’s gonna happen. That doesn’t make it any easier to accept when it’s happening, but you know it’s gonna happen and guys usually for the most part come out of it.”

Girardi eluded to a closed-door meeting he had with the team after Sunday’s game in Texas, telling them they needed to pick it up -- especially defensively.

The Yankees come into Saturday’s game having committed 25 errors, which ranks 22th in the majors.

“I let our club know that we were not pleased with that,” Girardi said. “I thought we played much better defensively last night. But yeah, you continually talk to players about things going on. Sometimes it might be one or two guys you’re talking about, sometimes it might be four or five, about the struggles that you’re going through.

“If you’ve played long enough, everybody’s struggled. I mean, that’s the bottom line and you gotta fight your way out of it, do your work and stay true to your beliefs. It’s just the ebb and flow of the season.”

Girardi was asked more about that meeting, but declined to discuss specifics.

“I told you I talked to our club after the game in Texas,” Girardi said. “But I’m not gonna go into every meeting that I have with our club or our players, because closed door meetings are closed door meetings.

I think Jeet [shortstop Derek Jeter] put it well one day. He said ‘If we wanted you in there we’d have you in there for the meetings.’ But I continually talk to players. That’s my job, to get the most out of guys. When I don’t like things I see I let them know.”