Rapid Reaction: Yankees 13, Orioles 2

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What it means: The Yankees have now won three in a row and could finally be playing the the type of baseball they expect. Thursday night was an obliteration of the Orioles. It started with Derek Jeter's leadoff double and the hits just kept on coming and coming.

What's good: We could talk about the offense, but let's begin with CC Sabathia, who just does what he always does in Baltimore -- dominates the Orioles. Before Thursday's start, Sabathia owned a 15-2 record and a 2.89 ERA vs. the O's. Sabathia controlled them once again, with eight scoreless ininngs. He threw 109 pitches, 94 were strikes. He is 10-1 at Camden Yards.

Meanwhile, we don't have enough room to go over all the offense. (Technically, since this is the Internet, we do have enough room, but you understand where I'm coming from.) Check the box score and the highlights.

Anyway, Jeter had a couple of hits (see below), Nick Swisher had a three-run triple, Mark Teixeira a two-run homer and Jorge Posada had an RBI double.

What's not so good: There was a rain delay so the Yankees had their trip home pushed back. Besides that, can't see what possibly wasn't good from a Yankees perspective. Well, Robinson Cano got hit by a pitch, but he stayed in until garbage time so it is probably nothing.

Jeter Meter: Jeter had a fine night. He a double and a triple. He is now 30 hits shy of 3,000.

Posada at first: In the fifth, Jorge Posada made a nice scoop on a Jeter throw. Posada hit an RBI double, furthering his case for more playing time. In the eighth, batting righty, Posada even gave a ball a ride. It was a long out to center, but it was progress. Posada is now 0-for-25 on the year as a right-handed hitter.

Coming Attractions:I'm writing Jeter and Posada, going into the Subway Series.

What's next: The Subway Series, which might have fans excited, but honestly the players don't really care that much about it. They like the guaranteed big crowds, however they don't feel a real sense of a rivalry. That's just the truth. Many do understand why it is so important to Yankees and Mets fans.

Anyway, here are your pitching matchups:

Friday, it is Freddy Garcia (2-3, 3.22) vs. R.A. Dickey (1-5, 5.08 ERA); Saturday, it is A.J. Burnett (4-3, 3.99) vs. Chris Capuano (3-4, 4.78). Sunday, it is Ivan Nova (4-3, 4.33) vs. Mike Pelfrey (3-3, 5.11).

Question of the Night: Are you psyched up for the Subway Series?