Girardi: I can't wear Jeter down for 3K

Joe Girardi would like Derek Jeter to reach 3,000 on this homestand, but the manager said he won't deviate from the 2011 game plan.

"You would love for him to do it here," Girardi said. "We have 10 games on this homestand, 14 hits he needs. I would love for him to do it here, but you can't physically wear him down or risk hurting him to do that. We are going to have to be smart about how we do this and we are going to probably play it the way we have all year long."

Jeter is DHing on Tuesday night. With 10 games in a row, Jeter would likely receive an off-day at some point during the stand. Perhaps Girardi will skip what might have been a day off and replace it with another DH day. Girardi would never admit to doing that, but it is certainly possible.