Real reason behind 'Babe' Vazquez move

In placing Sergio Mitre in front of Javy Vazquez in the rotation, Joe Girardi said he made the move because Vazquez has experience hitting.

So Vazquez will start against Detroit, then Minnesota at Yankee Stadium before facing the Mets to begin interleague play on May 21.

Maybe Vazquez is Babe Ruth and the Yankees are about to discover something. But Mitre and Andy Pettitte-- who is expected to be back in the rotation by then -- both have pitched in the NL so Girardi saying he is concerned about pitchers picking up a bat for the first time doesn't seem to really pass the common sense test.

Really, what makes sense for the reason that Girardi has configured his rotation in this way is to avoid having Vazquez pitch against the Red Sox or Rays.

If Vazquez starts this Tuesday against Detroit, his next start will be a Sunday afternoon game against Minnesota. He won't pitch again until he faces the Mets in Flushing on the 21st.

Add it all up and that is probably why Vazquez is being pushed back a day. Or he is going to hit 714 homers.