Cash: Nova was odd man out

Brian Cashman said the Yankees made the logical decision when they sent Ivan Nova down to make room for Phil Hughes.

"He's our fifth starter," Cashman said of Nova. "Now we're getting an 18-game winner (and) All-Star back in the rotation so you do what you have to do, you move your fifth starter out."

Nova, 24, is 8-4 with a 4.12 ERA. The Yankees will keep him stretched out as a starter at Triple-A, thinking that if one of their remaining starters is hurt or ineffective, Nova will get the call.

"The bottom line is, in this quick snapshot of this week we have some depth, so he needs to go down, stay stretched out take the ball every five days on routine and continute to work on the things that have put him to this point.

"He'll return soon enough, I'm sure," Cashman added. "But it's not a bad thing."

Hughes is 0-3 with a 13.93 ERA. He seems to have regained his velocity during three rehab starts. Cashman said the Yankees discussed going to a six-man rotation, but ultimately decided against it.

"It causes more problems than it helps," Cashman said. "I think it would benefit some guys in the rotation and hurt others."