Cashman jabs Jeter over uniform

Derek Jeter joked that he felt "uncomfortable" in the Trenton Thunder's uniforms on Sunday. If you saw the unis, you wouldn't blame Jeter.

In honor of Independence Day, the Thunder sported a jersey with red and white stripes on the torso and white stars against a blue background on the sleeves.

"I was uncomfortable the entire day so don’t judge my performance today," Jeter joked after completing his two-game rehab stint with the Thunder.

Jeter is expected to rejoin the Yankees in Cleveland on Monday.

When he does, the captain is sure to hear about his unsightly Thunder uniform from his teammates. That's because GM Brian Cashman snapped a photo of Jeter in uniform and sent it back to members of the team.

"We had a tough loss against the Mets today so ... I was like 'Derek I'm going to take a picture of you in this uniform here and I'm going to lift our guys spirits and I'm also going to send the message: try to do everything you can to not get injured so you don't wind up in a minor league rehab assignment to wear a uniform looking like this."

Fortunately for Jeter, he can return to donning the Yankees road grays on Monday.