Game 2: Yankees @ Red Sox

10:59: Vintage Mo cutter sits Ellsbury down. Pedroia hacks at the first pitch, fly to right, ballgame over. see ya

10:56: Once again, Marco Scutaro says, Mo Who? One out double to the base of the leftfield wall keeps Boston's hopes alive.

10:50: Ladies and gentleman, the time has come for Mariano Rivera's 2010 debut

10:45: Don;t know if you could call it an insurance run, since this is Fenway, but Cano's blast into the right-field seats is welcome for the Yankees nonetheless. Now they can hand the game to Mariano with a two-run lead.,

10:40: Who says nobody wants to step up and claim the eighth inning? Joba takes a giant step toward seizing the job by striking out Beltre and Drew, the latter on two filthy sliders, to strand Youkilis on second. Two fist pumps on the way back to the dugout

10:37: joba gets Beltre to flail at a 96 MPH fastball way out of the zone for strike 3. Two out, Drew up

10:33: Ortiz pops out to center, Marte out, Joba coming in to pitch to Beltre

10:31: and Marte's control deserts him again--on a pickoff throw to Teixeira that runs wild and puts the tying run on second with none out

10:28: and the search for the elusive eighth-inning man goes on. Robertson faces one batter-Youkilis--allows one sharp single, leaves for Damaso Marte to pitch to David Ortiz

10:23: Teixeira just missed busting the game open, got a little under it and flied out to right; Dave Robertson on to try to protect the one run lead in the bottom of the eighth.

10:19: and five batters later, Jorge finally comes home on a walk to Nick Johnson, whose line now reads: 10 PAs, a .500 OBP, one RBI--and still no hits.

10:15: This inning just gets weirder and weirder. Scutaro's throw bounces to first, allows Jeter to reach on an error, but Youkilis' greeat barehanded scoop keeps Posada at third. Four balls have been put into play since Posada's leadoff double and he has only moved 90 feet.

10:12: Now there's something you don't see every day, the single that fails to advance a runner from second. Gardner's soft liner to left just eludes Scutaro's reach, leaving Posada no choice but to hold at second

10:09: Swisher's 11-pitch at-bat finally ends with a ground out to short, no advance by Posada. a long trip to nowhere

10:02: Posada starts the eighth with a ground-rule double into right-field stands. swisher, who already has two doubles tonight, batting righty vs. Okajima

9:58: Okajima in to pitch the eighth

9:53: I think I'm liking Aceves as the Yankees eighth-inning guy. Also, the 6th and 7th

9:46: Bard';s 1-2 slider locked up A-Rod after three 98 MPH fastballs.

9:42: With that walk, Nick Johnson has raised his on-base pct. to .444 (three walks and a hit-by in 9 PAs) without getting a hit

9:39: Daniel Bard on to pitch the seventh for Boston

9:38: A-Rod bails out his pal at shortstop with a force out to end the inning

9:34: Check that. Jeter's painting just got younger. Throwing error gives Red Sox a two-out baserunner.

9:31: Burnett out of the game, aceves in. Burnett's Fenway ERA plummets from 14.25 to 11.72 (courtesy of AOL's Ed Price) following five-inning, three earned run stint. And somewhere, Jeter has a painting of himself that is aging, because the guy is still playing like he's 25.

9:28: Swisher dies at third as Jeter's groundout allows Delcarmen to survive lesdoff double

9:26: Sox playing for a bunt, Gardner's ground out just as good, moves Swisher to third. Granderson's screamer right at Youkilis a bad break for the Yankees; Jeter up with two out and go-ahead run at third

9:21: Good at bat by Swisher, worked out a full count vs. delcarmen, then missed a home run over the Monster by what looked like less than two feet. Leadoff double, Gardner hitting for Thames

9:18: after the first inning each of them had, no one would have believed that in the sixth inning, Burnett would still be in the game and Lester out. As a wise man once said, baseball is a funny game

9:16: Lester had a great first inning but leaves with a pretty poor line--5 innings, 4 earned runs

9:13: Burnett pounds his glove in celebration after striking out ortiz with a curveball to end the fifth. Lester out to start the sixth; DelCarmen coming in

9:12: Mound visits 5 and 6 come in rapid succession during David Ortiz at-bat. Now this is the Jorge and AJ we have come to know and love

9:09: Burnett kept his composure to catch Youkilis looking at a 3-2 curveball after twice not getting calls from 1B ump Paul Schreiber on check swings that could have been third strikes. Two out, runner at 2d.

9:05: And another mound visit, this one a group conference with pitching coach Dave Eiland after Martinez' RBI double high off the Monster ties the game at 4.

9:04: Posada makes only his third mound visit of the night, which is a relief. For a while it looked as if he and Burnett weren;t speaking.

9:00: For an old man, Jeter can still achieve some elevation. Great grab of Ellsbury's liner

8:54: Cano sac fly to center gives Yankees a 4-3 lead

8:53: A-Rod ties the game with a rifle shot to left, scoring Jeter. Haven't we seen this game before?

8:50: Teixiera busts it down the line to avoid the double play, although replay seems to indicate he may have been out. Yankees cut the deficit to 3-2.

8:47: Johnson hit in th eback with a moderate Lester fastball. Retaliation for Cameron? Nah. Bases loaded, nobody out

8:45: Alrighty then! Granderson singles to right off Lester to lead off the fifth, Jeter right behind him, first and third, none out

8:41 Ol' 6-4-3, the pitcher's best friend, gets Burnett out of what could have been a bad fourth inning

8:40: Cameron hit on what the polite like to call "the fleshy part of the thigh.'' If he charges the mound, Burnett wll probably say, "Hey, Posada called it.''

8:32: Ouch! Swisher hit on the right foot by Lesters curveball.

8:24: nice recovery by AJ striking out Youkilis on beautiful tailing fastball and getting Ortiz to ground out right into the shift

8:18: Martinez crushed that thigh-high FB, drawing visit to mound by both Posada and Dave Eiland. That's two so far

8:17: Nice play in center by Granderson on Pedroia's sinking liner

8:08: Teixeira just a tad ahead of Lester's 93 MPH fastball, just missed a home run

8:04: strong second inning by Burnett. No visits from Jorge. Must be lonely out there

8:00: Someone should tell Posada he doesn't have to tag the batter with a runner on first and less than two out when he drops a third strike.

7:53: Lester squeaks out of jam by getting Jeter to force out. 31 pitch second inning

7:55: Girardi didn't rule out the possibility Granderson could be platooned if he continues to struggle against lefties. This could be an interesting story to watch as the season unfolds

7:50: Granderson strikes out, and the early returns say 0-2, two strikeouts and one walk vs. lefthanded pitching so far

7:47: Lester pitching to Thames as if he heard Girardi's pre-game press conference and is dreading this matchup; 5-pitch walk loads the bases for Granderson, who couldn;t hit a lefty if he fell on Keith Olbermann

7:45: Yankees get one back on Swisher's double down right-field line. Lester's stuff looked as nasty as Dick Cheney in first inning; not so much now

7:41: Yanks first hit of the night; Cano turns around Lester's fastball for a single to center

7:34: Burnett's first inning line: one run, one hit, one walk, one visit from his pal Jorge

7:30: First mound visit of the night by by Posada after Burnett's walk to Martinez. Let's keep a running tally

7:25: Posada not exactly having a Gold Glove start to the season

7:21: There's the Marcus Thames tradeoff in practice. Kills opposing lefty pitchers at the plate. Kills his own pitchers in the field.

7:18: Jon Lester's stuff in the first inning was frightening. Jeter struck out on 95 MPH heat with sink, Teixiera wasn't even close to catching up to 97 MPH, and in-between Nick Johnson grounded weakly to third. Tough night ahead