Yankees have 8 All-Stars, but only 4 will go

The Yankees could have dominated the All-Star Game in terms of sheer numbers, but they will instead a half-sized contingent to Phoenix.

While The Yankees have eight players that have been named to the All-Star team, only four will be making the trip to Arizona to play in the game on July 12.

Catcher Russell Martin, second baseman Robinson Cano, shortstop Derek Jeter, third baseman Alex Rodriguez, center fielder Curtis Granderson, starting pitcher CC Sabathia, relief pitcher David Robertson and closer Mariano Rivera are the Yankees reps.

Cano, Granderson, Martin and Robertson will be the Yankees who will travel to play in the game, while Rivera, Jeter, Rodriguez and Sabathia will miss the game.

Rodriguez will miss the game with a torn meniscus in his right knee, Rivera and Jeter are taking the game off after battling injures recently and Sabathia is ineligible to pitch after pitching Sunday and already booked a trip to the Bahamas.

“I’m really sad because you want to be with your teammates,” Cano said. “Like I said before, it’s the kind of memory I can say I was with three Hall of Famers, say one day I went to the All-Star Game with them and got a good memory. They’re not going and I know they would like to go.”

While Cano is sad he can’t play with his teammates, on the other hand, Sabathia isn’t regretting that he’s going to spend the three-day break on vacation instead of in Arizona. He said he has seen his teammates every day since September and he will see them again on Thursday when the second half opens up.

Martins said health is more important than the game.

“It’d be great to have everybody there, but long run, there’s more important things than going to the All-Star game,” Martin said. “Gotta get guys healthy and take care of business.”

While the team will be split, the Yankees who have been selected are thrilled and honored to be representing the American League and the Yankees. Cano and Granderson are starters while Martin is a backup and Robertson is in the pen.

“I want to go every year. Every year I get more and more excited about it,” Cano said. “I want to go to the All-Star game, get the jerseys, those are things you can have good memories with your kid, not even you can make any kind of money, money you have in the bank, jerseys, trophies, those are the kinds of things you can hand to the kids from your past. I was an All-Star one time and show the children something so they can believe.”

Yankees manager Joe Girardi is proud of his eight players that were chosen.

"I think it talks about the first half our guys have had and how well they’ve played,” Girardi said. “You end up with three pitchers which is outstanding and I think our pitching staff has performed very well and almost our whole infield with our catcher, they’ve played very well.”