Modells steps up on Lopez's behalf

The New York Yankees "gift" to Christian Lopez came with a price: several thousands of dollars in taxes.

So Modells is stepping up to help Lopez pay the I.R.S.

The Sporting Goods Store will announce on Wednesday afternoon at its Times Square location that five percent of all of its Yankees merchandise sales from July 13-19 will be donated to Lopez to help pay the taxes and other student loans he's accrued.

Lopez scooped Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit in Section 136 of the left-field bleachers on Saturday afternoon at Yankee Stadium, and has become somewhat of a celebrity after he gave it back to Jeter while asking for nothing in return.

The New York Daily News reported that Lopez could've gotten around $250,000 for the ball had he put it up for auction. But despite having around $100,000 in student loans from St. Lawrence University, Lopez selflessly wanted Jeter to have it.

The Yankees gave Lopez four season tickets valued at around $44,800 to $73,600, according to the New York Times.

The tax liability on those tickets, the Times reported, is around $14,000. The Daily News reported it to be $5,000-$13,000.