Trade Watch, 2011: Hiroki Kuroda

The Buzz: The Yankees like Hiroki Kuroda. GM Brian Cashman admitted he would have made a bigger push for Kuroda this past winter if Cliff Lee had decided quicker. Kuroda was off the board by the time Cashman made his statements.

The Problem: Kuroda has a no-trade clause and there have been reports he doesn't want to leave Los Angeles. While New York is much farther from Japan, maybe Kuroda would find it appealing.

The Upgrade?: Kuroda might be an upgrade, but the problem with him and basically all the starters on the market is simple: It doesn't seem like the Yankees need to add someone to get them into the tournament, they need someone to get them through the tournament. It is hard to say Kuroda would do that muvj better than Batolo Colon or Freddy Garcia in October.

What I'd do: I would give up second level pitching prospects. In other words, I wouldn't trade Ivan Nova, Dellin Betances or Manny Baunuelos. I also wouldn't give up Jesus Montero. I would consider two pitchers from the rest of the system.

What would you give up: Answer below.