Joe and A.J., a day later

Here are the "highlights'' of what Joe Girardi had to say on Sunday about his, shall we say, awkward-looking moment with A.J. Burnett on the mound Saturday night, when it appeared the pitcher shouted an obscenity at his manager on the way out of the game:

"A, I didn't hear it. The only reason I heard it is because people saw it on the broadcast, and B, I didn't think it was directed at me.''

Q: Who told you about it?

"I don't really remember. A couple of people came up to me on the bench. I don't remember who.''

Q: So even though you didn't hear it, you thought he might have been talking to you?

"Well, yeah. and of course I asked him''

Girardi then veered off into a discussion of how different people show emotions, which then morphed into the fact that people think Girardi hates his job because he doesn't show emotions.

This, presumably, means A.J. loves his job, since he so easily shows his emotions.

Bottom line, as the manager likes to say, A.J. "needs to pitch well'' from here on, starting Friday night in Baltimore.

And Girardi is tired of talking about it.

And I'm tired of writing about it.