Granderson tries a new approach for No. 35

Curtis Granderson has hit 27 home runs over the right-field fence this season, four over the right-centerfield fence, two over left-center and one over center. But for his 35th, Granderson tried something new: he kept the ball in the park, but just barely, for the third inside-the-park HR of his career. His drive to right-center hit about a foot below the top of the 30-foot wall about 375 feet from home plate, and the speedy Granderson was past second base by the time Twins' centerfielder Ben Revere retrieved the long bounce off the wall. Granderson never hesitated around third and easily beat the relay throw home. It was Granderson's first IPHR snce August 26, 2007, at Comerica Park as a Detroit Tiger. The victims? The New York Yankees.

Mark Teixiera followed Granderson's HR with a blast of his own, this one over the left-field fence, and the Yankees lead 3-0 now in the bottom of the seventh.