Posada gets in at second base and makes play

Jorge Posada

Jorge Posada

#20 DH

New York Yankees

2011 STATS

  • GM99
  • HR11

  • RBI38

  • R30

  • OBP.323

  • AVG.244

Jorge Posada knew the last ball would come to him. It just had to.

There was Posada, playing second base for the first time in his career, and one more out needed to be made in the game. He just knew that he'd get his chance.

Anthony Reckler gave Posada that opportunity.

"I knew the ball was coming right at me. I moved well and got to the ball," Posada said. "Thank God for (Nick Swisher), he made a good pick."

Posada played at second base for the first time in his career and had an assist on the final play of the game in the Yankees 22-9 win. It gave Posada a chance to go back to his roots as he had played second base in the minors before being converted to a catcher.

"It's been a while, it's been a long time since I took a ground ball in the middle of the infield," Posada said.

With the Yankees leading 16-8 in the eighth inning, Posada went to Yankees manage Joe Girardi and said he could go to second base to replace Robinson Cano. The plan had been to put in Russell Martin, but Posada told Girardi that if the Yankees got two more runs, he would go in.

Brett Gardner singled with the bases loaded to make the score 17-8 and Curtis Granderson later hit a grand slam to give the Yankees a 21-8 lead. The two runs that Posada needed were in the bag. He could enter the field.

"I think everything that Jorge has done for this organization, the numbers that he's put up, the year he has been through, it was hard to say no," Girardi said.

On the ball hit to him, Posada fielded it cleanly near the second base bag, but took his time throwing the ball, hoping on his back foot before firing a bullet to first that bounced and had to be picked by Swisher for the out. It might not have been pretty, but Posada made the play in what likely will be the only chance he gets at second base in his career.

"I'm thinking to myself, man, you're like 15 feet from me. What are you double crow hopping for?" Swisher joked. "Either way that was fun, that was definitely fun."

Said Posada about that ball coming his way: "Get ready. Look forward to it. I knew it was coming, second out, I said here it comes and I moved and I knew exactly where it was going to be at. That tells you exactly why they put me behind the plate."