O's rip Yanks over rescheduling squable

Curtis Granderson

Curtis Granderson

#14 CF
New York Yankees

2011 STATS

  • GM128
  • HR36

  • RBI103

  • R119

  • OBP.374

  • AVG.274

Yankees player rep Curtis Granderson remains optimistic that the makeup day for the Yankees-Orioles' game rained out as a result of Hurricane Irene will be changed.

The Orioles have scheduled the game for Sept. 8 but the Yankees have not agreed to play on that date.

"We don't want to do it. You know, you need both teams to play it and considering there are options, that means that we do have an opportunity to possibly change it," Granderson said after the Yankees' 2-0 loss to Baltimore on Sunday.

The Orioles, however, say they aren't interested in discussing the matter and blasted the Yankees for complaining about it in light of the hurricane.

"Are we really still talking about this? We've just seen a hurricane come through this region which has caused millions to be without power, tens of millions of dollars in property damage and even several deaths," Orioles Director of Communications Greg Bader wrote in an email to ESPNNewYork.com. "We've got people out there literally trying to put their lives back together and yet there are some still worrying about a rescheduled game time?

"We will be playing the game on September 8. We will be selecting a game time and will announce it shortly. It is time to move on to more pressing matters."

Granderson said that the Yanks are "looking into" the possibility of filing a formal protest. He said he believed the decision would be made by the MLB Players' Union and the Commissioner's Office, but was unsure of the specifics.

According to Granderson, the Yankees would prefer to reschedule the game at the end of the season, only if it has any bearing on a playoff race. He did not think that idea had been formally presented to the Orioles.

Granderson also seemed amenable to play the game on Sept. 8 if it was played during the day, but the centerfielder said the Orioles' front office intimated that they only wanted to play the game at night.

Granderson said other options included playing the game on Sept. 15, a common off day for both teams. Though the Yankees don't want to play on that day because they will be traveling from Seattle to Toronto.

There is also the possibility that the game will be made up as a doubleheader in the Bronx during the Yankees' three-game series against Baltimore on Sept. 5 - Sept. 7. Though Granderson said that was highly unlikely. He also said the Orioles may be opposed to playing at the end of the season if necessary, because there is a possibility the game would never be played.

"Both sides have says on it," Granderson said. "You need both sides to finally come to an agreement on it."

Joe Girardi said before Sunday's game that he was still upset over the decision to reschedule on Sept 8 because it is essentially the Yankees' last off day.

The Yankees have one official off-day left -- scheduled for Sept. 15 -- but it is not a traditional off day as the team will travel cross country from Seattle to Toronto before a three-game series against Toronto on Sept. 16.

In anticipation of Saturday's rainout due to Hurricane Irene, the Yankees had suggested earlier this week playing a doubleheader on Friday but were rebuffed. The Yankees also offered to play the first game early in the morning Saturday, since the forecast called for heavy rain later in the afternoon. That, too, was rejected.

Girardi was asked why the Yankees were against playing back-to-back double-headers on Sunday and Monday in Baltimore, which was one offer made by the Orioles.

"Physically how do you do that? How do you physically do that when you're playing day after day after day," said Girardi, whose Yankees are scheduled to play the final 33 games of the season in 32 days. ".... I don't think it's possible and it's not fair to the product of the game. It's one thing if you have to make them up at the end of the year and it's the last two days of the season ... and you have extra bodies."