Game No. 137: Blue Jays at Yankees

Here is are the lineups for Saturday's Yankees-Blue Jays game. For the Yankees, it includes Alex Rodriguez, who went through pregame workouts before it was determined he could return to the lineup. He has missed six games with a sprained left thumb. Rodriguez is playing third and rookie Jesus Montero, who made his Major League debut Thursday, will DH.


Gardner 7,

Granderson 8,

Rodriguez 5,

Cano 4,

Swisher 3,

Jones 9,

Montero DH,

Nunez 6,

Cervelli 2

Colon 1


Yunel Escobar 6,

Eric Thames 7,

Jose Bautista 9,

Adam Lind DH,

Edwin Encarnacion 3,

Kelly Johnson 4,

Brett Lawrie 5,

J.P. Arencibia 2,

Mike McCoy 8

Ricky Romero, LHP