Cervelli still plagued by concussion symptoms

Francisco Cervelli, back home recuperating in New York after suffering a concussion in a home-plate collision on Sept. 8 in Baltimore, was examined by a neurologist on Friday and was found to be still suffering from post-concussion syndrome. Joe Girardi said Cervelli will be examined again on Monday in New York and possibly subjected to an impact test, a common post-concussion evaluation.

Girardi also acknowledged the real possibility that Cervelli will not recover in time to be included on the post-season roster. "I think you have to prepare that he won't be only because it's so unpredictable,'' Girardi said. "We've seen so many guys miss so much time with them, and they're still missing time. I heard (Twins' Justin) Morneau talking about when he dove for a ball at first base, the concussion symptoms came back. You just don't know what's going to happen.''

In the event Cervelli is unable to go, the Yankees would be forced to use either Jesus Montero, who is just off his first year in AAA ball and defensively suspect, or Austin Romine, considered a superior backstop but who played nearly all of 2011 in AA, as the backups to Russell Martin. In that case, Girardi one or both of the young catchers is likely to get some work behind the plate over the final 14 games of the season.

"If you're fortunate enough to get into the playoffs, conceivably Russell could catch every game,'' Girardi said. "But these other guys are going to have to catch. You want them as familiar with your pitching staff as possible in case something were to happen.''

Surprisingly, no mention of Jorge Posada re-assuming the role he occupied for his first 16 seasons as a Yankee.