Leyland said Valverde didn't make a guarantee, not offended by Yankees' "JV" treatment

Jim Leyland doesn't think Jose Valverde's "guarantee" will have any impact on the series. Plus, Leyland pointed out he was not offended when the Yankees were acting like the Tigers were the "junior varsity" with all their pe-game World Series' videos.

"First of all, I don't think I saw anything about guarantee," Leyland said. "That's number one. I do think he said -- I think when you read all the stories about it, he admitted it was tongue in cheek when he said it.

"Second of all, I didn't take offense to the video at Yankee Stadium when they were talking about the World Series, like we were the junior varsity and they were getting ready for the World Series. I didn't take offense to that at all. In fact, I thought it was great. That's what they should be talking about. I don't really think that.

"I don't believe in this stuff. I would hate to think the New York Yankees or the Detroit Tigers need any bulletin board stuff to get fired up this time of year. I would take that with a grain of salt. I didn't see anything about a guarantee."

Meanwhile, Yankees manager Joe Girardi played down any significance from the quotes.

"I wasn't in there, so I don't know the context of it," Girardi said.