Mets fan will try to eliminate Yankees

West Orange's Rick Porcello doesn't know how it happened. His parents were Yankees fans. They would even let him skip one day of school per year to go to the old Yankee Stadium, but for some reason he became a Mets fan.

"I guess when I was pretty much old enough to start following baseball and really be in touch with the players was right around the 2000 [Mets] team and they went to the World Series," the 22-year-old Porcello said. "I just rooted for them. I always liked the fact that they were kind of more of an underdog in New York."

Porcello is the favorite against A.J. Burnett. There is an assumption that with Burnett on the mound, the Yankees don't have a shot. But Porcello has not been great. There is a reason he is the Tigers' fourth-starter. He was 14-9, but his ERA was 4.75. His home ERA was 5.64.

"I have high expectations for myself and I don't think it was nearly as well as I'm capable of pitching over the course of an entire year," Porcello said.

Porcello said his parents are no longer Yankees fans. Well, his mom still likes one player.

"Mom loves Derek Jeter," Porcello said. "[She] might like him more than me."