Question of the Day: What is your best Posada memory?

Jorge Posada basically made official what we already knew. In this story by Mike Mazzeo, he says he knows the Yankees are not going to have him back.

This was obvious since last winter when GM Brian Cashman and manager Joe Girardi stripped Posada of his catching gear. Posada's year was up-and-down, to say the least. The dignity he lost by pulling himself from the Saturday night game in May against the Red Sox after Girardi batted him ninth, he largely made up for the rest of the way.

He left as a champion. Not only because he got the game-winning single to clinch the division for the Yankees. Not only because he was almost the only Yankee who hit in the ALDS. But because how he handled things from there.

Yes, there was that ugly May night for Posada, but after Posada served as a lesson for Derek Jeter, Alex Rodrgiuez, et. al. how to grow old as a Yankee. He took the inevitable like a champion and with aging skills picked up a few more moments.

His career is not about this season. In reality, 2012 is a footnote for him, there were great moments for the, as my colleague Ian O'Connor has put it, the Ringo Starr, of the Core Four. He is a great Yankee -- and no matter if he plays a year or two someplace else -- will always be a Yankee.

Here is my question for you: What is your favorite Yankee memory of Posada?