A-Rod turns to Pete Rose for advice

We all know that Alex Rodriguez has a little Stuart Smalley in him. So he is always looking for some advice and support. Pete Rose says that A-Rod leans on him to pump up his often sagging ego.

"It's amazing what of lack of confidence some of these players have for all that money they're making," Rose said at the Intimate Stage speaking series in Nashville. "When A-Rod texts me it's all about just patting him on the a-- and telling him how good he is. He don't need me to tell him how to play third base, he can play third base. It's just re-enforcing that he's good. With Joey Votto it's the same thing. The better the player, the less confidence they seem to have."

Consider A-Rod's betting controversies over last few years, the choice of Rose as a mentor just is so A-Rod.

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