Torre: Replay rule could be expanded

Joe Torre, MLB's Executive VP for Baseball Operations, just completed a brief briefing, pun definitely intended, of what was discussed at today's GM meetings, which adjourned at around 3:15 p.m. Central time. The usually-loquacious Torre spoke for less than five minutes and was woefully short on specifics.

"There's not much I can really speak to at this point,'' he said. "We'll reconvene (Wednesday) morning and discuss things some more.''

Torre said the issue of limiting roster expansion in September was discussed, as well as possible changes to the replay rule, currently used only to judge questionable home runs. Torre said the possibility of expanding the rule to cover questionable fair and foul balls had come up in discussion but no conclusions had been reached.

"I think the Commissioner hinted at a possible fair and foul change,'' Torre said, referring to statements made by Bud Selig during the World Series.

"I think once you make that statement you start thinking about the things that can go wrong with it,'' Torre said. "One things is, if you call a ball foul and the replay shows it's fair, where do you put the runners? It's not that easy to say let's replay this, let's replay that. if you're going to increase replay we're going to have to talk about all these situations if it makes sense. It's going to be tougher on the umpires, because now it will be their job to place the runners. I'm not sure it's going to speed the game up.''

Among the issues not discussed were potential league and divisional realignment and schedule changes. "That's on the Commissioner's desk right now,'' Torre said.

There will be a one-hour period of media access with all the GMs beginning at 5:45 p.m. NY time.