Dust off the elf suit ...

... because Brian Cashman is going to do it again. That's right, the Yankees GM, a man with everything to live for including a new three-year contract, will rappel down the 22-story Landmark Building in Stamford, Conn., as part of the town's "Heights and Lights'' holiday celebration.

The practice run will be Friday morning between 7 and 9, and the real thing is scheduled for Sunday, Dec. 4 at 5 p.m.

Last year, Cashman's feat came in the midst of the contentious Derek Jeter negotiations, and we at ESPNNewYork.com did a whimsical cartoon of the disgruntled shortstop lurking on the rooftop trying to cut Cashman's rope.

All is happy now in Yankeeland, but maybe this year, the GM should be on the lookout for Bobby Valentine, who pretty much ran Stamford before deciding to run the Red Sox, too.