Bizarro Winter Meetings Begin

I had a dream last night, I woke up at the winter meetings and the Yankees had

turned into the Marlins and the Marlins had become the Yankees.

Goodness,that was some strong NyQuill!

In the dream, Miami signed a hotshot shortstop for more than $100 million, while the Yankees GM wore an

elf costume and scaled a building on the other side of the country. He wasn't even at the meetings yet.

Weird, right?

In fact, the GM of the Yanks wasn't showing up until late in the afternoon on

Monday. His flight was scheduled to take off at 12:30p.m. ET.from New York.

Wait, all that is true?

The Yankees are going to sit around listening and not spreading the wealth. As they think about 2014 and the luxury tax.

It is boring, but smart.

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In advance, let me say, thanks for your time. We appreciate it, as always.

Time to wake up.