Cashman rappels down building ... again

New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman spent part of his weekend rappelling down a 350-foot, 22-story building.

Cashman took a few practice runs down the Landmark Building in Stamford on Friday morning, and on Sunday he donned an elf's costume and successfully made the descent for the second straight year, joining "Santa", "The Grinch" and another elf.

"It was a lot more comfortable, obviously because of a lot more practice runs," Cashman said. "I'm getting used to it. So hopefully it looked better from my end."

The rest of the weekend he spent on the phone listening to trade proposals that did not go anywhere.

"I was on the phone all weekend, just like I am all the time," Cashman said. "I made some offers, received some ideas but nothing is getting any traction unfortunately. I've tried to make some things happen, but my concepts and the concepts given to me so far, we haven't found common ground."

Making the descent down one of Stamford's tallest buildings -- with a studded Yankees jacket over his costume -- Cashman displayed his experience from last year for the town's "Heights and Lights" celebration by waving to the crowd and attempting to do some flips.

"It's just a great opportunity," Cashman said. "Every time I drive by this building, I feel like it's a part of me. I've imprinted it. It's just a great opportunity to be part of something crazy, special and the Christmas show. So it's an awesome opportunity to be part of something that's fun."

Cashman will likely participate in next year's event and on Friday challenged new Boston Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine to join him. Valentine responded that he would and Cashman reiterated having the Stamford native join him.

"This is his town and he has done everything in his life. The guy is just king of accomplishments. I'm just going to help him add to his resume.

"Bobby makes everything better and if he does join us, the whole purpose is to take it to another level and Bobby whenever he gets involved with something, he makes sure to make it better.

Last year, Cashman flew to Orlando right after the event in the hopes of signing Cliff Lee, but this year he will wait until Monday to fly to the Winter Meetings in Dallas.