Colon, Chavez, A. Jones will have to wait

Yankees GM Brian Cashman wants to bring back Bartolo Colon, Eric Chavez and Andruw Jones back, but those deals are going to take awhile. He has "very little" contact with their agents so far.

"Those players helped us," Cashman said. "They would be in the category we have an interest in them. The focus on the front of the winter has been mostly on higher end type of thing so that can reinforce our pitching. I have to watch our payroll. I can't spend a lot on the smaller stuff right now, even though they are important players."

On Colon, Cashman said if they were to sign Colon it would be for the "rotation or bullpen." Colon may want a spot in a rotation so he could go elsewhere. Colon, according to a source, is going to try to lose some weight this winter and maybe get down to 240 or 250 pounds.