Trade Rumors: Gio, Betances, oh my

The Yankees like Gio Gonzalez, but they don't like him this much. Jesus Montero, Manny Banuelos or Dellin Betances and super prospect Mason Williams, whom we highlighted on Tuesday, are reportedly what the A's are asking for.

This sort of makes this comment from Tuesday a little clearer.

"There are things I could do, you would write you shouldn't," Cashman said. "If I gave you the information right now in front of me, you would write, in my opinion, the Yankees should not do this. Would those pieces help us significantly? Yes, they would."

Gonzalez wold help significantly, but there is no way Cashman will build a deal around their top three prospects. So how do I think a deal could get done?

If Betances was the main cog in a a trade and there was no Banuelos or Montero in the deal, they could be in business.

Of course, I can't see why the A's would want to build a trade just around Betances. Gonzalez is arbitration eligible after next season, but he only made $420,00 this year. He is only 26 years old so you have to figure that Beane is going to have to receive a huge haul considering Gonzalez can't become a free agent until 2016.