Can Jeter, Grandy repeat in 2012?

Dan Szymborski says no. The guru of ZiPs projections, who is also a regular contributor to ESPN Insider, projects that neither Derek Jeter nor Curtis Granderson will be able to duplicate their 2011 performances in 2012.

Granderson, who had an MVP-caliber year -- in fact, he finished fourth in the voting behind Jose Bautista, Jacoby Ellsbury and winner Justin Verlander -- with 41 home runs and led the league in both RBI (119) and runs scored (136), will fall to 31 HRs, 92 RBI and 104 runs, according to Symborksi's complex system of statistical analysis.

And Jeter, who rebounded off a sub-par 2010 to hit .297 and cut his strikeouts (81 as opposed to 106 in 2010) and doubleplays (10 vs. 22) way down, is projected to bat just .268 with an on-base percentage of .329, both of which would be career lows. Strongly factoring into this projection, no doubt, is the number that will will be attached to Jeter as of June 26, 2012 -- 38, as in years old.

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