Educated guess: Neither Darvish nor Cespedes will wear pinstripes

From people I'm talking to within and without the Yankees organization, it doesn't appear either of the two mystery men in this year's free-agent crop, Japanese pitcher Yu Darvish and Cuban emigre outfielder Yoennis Cespedes, are likely to be Yankees in 2012. Incredible as it may seem, the Yankees payroll appears "capped'' at about $200 million, leaving GM Brian Cashman hamstrung this winter, if such a word can be used in the case of a team that is spending nearly a quarter-billion greenbucks on ballplayers already.

The problem seems to be the Yankees revenue-sharing bill, which is heftier than a CC Sabathia dinner tab.

"Where do you think the Marlins got all that money to spend?,'' a disgusted team source told ESPNNewYork.com.

Uh, from ticket sales from the final season at Pro Player Stadium?

""From revenue sharing,'' the person said.

Meaning, "from us.''

As a result, the Yankees appear disinclined to gamble a lot of money on a posting fee for Darvish or to get into a bidding war for Cespedes, both of whom are tantalizing prospects who are extremely difficult to accurately assess off the available information.