Don't expect Yu or Yoennis

Yankee insiders are tamping down expectations about their bid for Yu Darvish and/or Yoennis Cespedes. That is, if they even make a play at all. The bids for Darvish are due on Wednesday.

As I wrote a little more than a week ago, these are not George's Yankees anymore. They are not going to spend just because there is a shiny, international toy on the market. They are going to try and be more precise.

The Yankees like Yu Darvish, but they don't know what Yu Darvish will be in the major leagues. Darvish is 25 and has electric stuff. But you have to pay probably somewhere from $80M to $100M to get him to throw a pitch.

That is a lot to pay for a Monty Hall game. What is exactly behind Door No. 3? A CC Sabathia or a Kei Igawa?

Let's look at this way. If Phil Hughes were a free agent right now, would you pay $80M to $100M to have him on the Yankees. You would surely think about it, considering he was an All-Star in 2010, but given his 2011 you would hesitate.

Hughes' future is probably more predictable than Darvish. Hughes is likely somewhere between 2010 and 2011. A solid No. 3 starter with room to move a slot up or slot down.

Darvish? He is fun to think about, but it is hard for Yankees GM Brian Cashman to go to Hal Steinbrenner and tell him to pay that type of money when he doesn't know what he is getting.

If the Yankees were going to spend that type of dough this offseason, they probably would have tried to sign C.J. Wilson up for five years. But, unless the insiders in the Yankees organization, are steering us wrong, they aren't spending big money this offseason.

On Cespedes, again, the Yankees like him, but they don't have a need for him. If the bidding goes to $30M, $40M, $50M, the Yankees will not be in on Cespedes. Too much money for too little guarantee.

In other words, what he said. The guy over there on the right of your screen with the pretty picture.