Report: Jays "favorite" to land Darvish

Depending on how good Yu Darvish turns out to be, the Yankees' road to the playoffs may have just gotten a lot tougher. The New York Post reported that Toronto "is the favorite" to win the bidding. The Post didn't come out and flat out say that the Jays won the bidding, but it is the most substantial report out there.

If the Blue Jays do win -- and it may not be official until Tuesday -- it will hardly be a surprise because Toronto and Texas were two teams thought to have the most interest in Darvish.

Again, nothing is official so the Yankees aren't out of it yet. But if the Blue Jays did in fact go to $40 or $50-million, we would be shocked if the Yankees went that high, given one what team insiders have said.

Whomever wins the bid still has to sign Darvish. They will have 30 days to do so.