Bernie in the Hall? Could happen eventually

As more and more smart voices make statistically-based arguments about Bernie Williams as a Hall of Famer, I believe he might gain some steam. It is not happening yet, but, when we peer back at his career it may look even grander in retrospect.

Especially if you presume Bernie never did PEDs during the Steroid Era. We can't know for sure, but we can believe. (Frankly, I have ideas of guys I think did it and no idea on guys who didn't. So there are players I definitely think were PED users, who haven't been outed. Still, the ones, such as Bernie, whom I think did not do it, would not surprise me if we learned one day they had.).

Anyway, back to the topic. Dan Szymborksi makes a sound argument here and Rebecca Glass argued strongly for Bernie here back in January.

If you had a vote, would you put Bernie in the Hall? Why or why not?