How Posada could return to the Bronx

Other than as a member of the enemy or a paying customer, that is:

The only way, it seems, that Jorge Posada will return to the Yankees for 2012 is if for some reason, an irresistible trade arises in the next six weeks that persuades the Yankees to part with Jesus Montero, a prospect that seems rather remote at this point.

According to sources I have spoken with, the Yankees see Posada as strictly a left-handed hitting DH, a luxury they cannot afford to carry as long as Montero, who is expected to assume most of the DH duties in 2012, is on the roster.

Backup catcher, maybe? Out of the question. Aside from the fact Posada caught in just one game all last season, one source listed the Yankees catching depth chart for 2012 as follows: Russell Martin, Montero, Francisco Cervelli.

"I just don't see a spot for him right now," the source said.

Do you?