A-Rod's knee: All in the mind?

The Yankees will not comment publicly on the procedure Alex Rodriguez underwent in Germany earlier this month on his surgically repaired right knee, but a team source I spoke with says the procedure -- which involved withdrawing some of A-Rod's blood, separating its components in a centrifuge and re-injecting it into the affected area -- was more about restoring peace of mind than treating a lingering issue.

"That injury was treated and resolved last year,'' the source said. "I think this was more about his mentally feeling good going forward.''

The source said Rodriguez, who got into some hot water when he sought treatment on his hip from Dr. Anthony Galea without informing the club, went through proper channels this time, consulting with team physician Dr. Chris Ahmad before going ahead with the procedure. The source said it was not like the situation of Bartolo Colon, who had a similar-sounding procedure done on his oft-injured right arm iin Dominican Republic before signing with the Yankees last winter.

"To this day I have no idea with Bartolo did,'' the source said. "I don't think there's any comparison between a medical procedure done in Germany and one done in Santo Domingo.''