Boras at it again?

Last year at this time, superagent Scott Boras executed a nifty end run on Yankees GM Brian Cashman, cutting out the level-headed middleman and selling Rafael Soriano directly to Hal Steinbrenner, via team president Randy Levine. Presumably, Boras knew Cashman would never buy Soriano as a set-up man at a closer's salary -- three years at $13.5 M per. That is exactly the deal Boras sold to Steinbrenner/Levine and precisely the reason why Cashman admitted he was against the deal at Soriano's introductory news conference.

Now, according to Jon Heyman of CBSSports.com, Boras is trying it again, going directly to Hal in an effort to sell him Edwin Jackson, one of the few remaining frontline starting pitchers on the free-agent market. Cashman is said to like Jackson but not Boras' asking price -- last week it was in the neighborhood of 5 years at $15 million per year -- so it looks like this could turn out to be Sori, Wrong Number Part II.

Neither Cashman, Levine nor Steinbrenner has yet to return a phone call but if it happens, the press conference could very entertaining indeed.