Yankees, Red Sox even in Web Gem Points

The Yankees may be way ahead of the Red Sox in the most important standings. But the two teams rate even in another area.

Our first official check of Baseball Tonight's Web Gem Scoreboard indicates that the Yankees and Red Sox are even in fifth-place in team scoring with 28 Web Gem Points. The Mets are the overall leaders with 38 points, two better than the Reds and three better than the Rays. The Phillies rate one point better than the Yankees and Red Sox with 29 points.

Web Gems are tallied via fan voting each day on the Baseball Tonight Clubhouse page. Fans can watch and vote on the previous days best gems (nominated by Baseball Tonight's analysts) until 5 pm eastern time. The winner for each vote is announced on that night's show.

Players accumulate points during the season based on the voting. Finishing first nets five points, second-best nets four points, all the way down to one point for the fifth-best gem.

This season, fans can track the Web Gem standings for every player in baseball at this link. The spreadsheet features tabs for both team and individual scoring.

Six different players have scored a gem for the Yankees, with second baseman Robinson Cano recording the only Gem that rated No. 1. Mark Teixeira and Alex Rodriguez each have a pair of gems. Rightfielder Nick Swisher, and battery mates Javier Vazquez and Francisco Cervelli each have one gem.

The Red Sox are “technically” ahead of the Yankees in the standings with nine total gems entering Monday, one more than the Yankees.