Cash: One day Jorgie could work with us

Could Jorge Posada have a role with the Yankees one day?

"We’ll see," Yankees GM Brian Cashman said. "Jorge has been a great Yankee. There’s a lot of great Yankees. The one thing about this that George Steinbrenner set up a long time ago was keeping it in the family, to the best of your abilities. And so I wouldn’t’ be surprised. Clearly at some point that Jorgie will be working with us. I’m not saying anything in the near term. But he's a Yankee for life, whether it’s a spring training format or something bigger. But right now, it’s not something anybody’s focused on. But one thing he did clearly get from this is that he didn’t want to wear another uniform. He wanted to be a Yankee for life."

Last season, Posada and Cashman weren't always on the same page, most memorably in May when Posada pulled himself out of the lineup after being put in the ninth spot against the Red Sox. Cashman explained what happened to the media, declining to cover for Posada.

“We obviously had a rough patch," Cashman said. "But we all fought through it. You can have tough times (in a career), but I think he feels that this organization truly values everything he’s done for us.’’