For Posada, DH was the last straw

Jorge Posada seemed perfectly content and happy with his decision to retire at Tuesday's news conference, but there was one aspect of his final season as a Yankee that still clearly rankled him: the decision made by the front office before the 2011 season no to even consider Posada as a possible catcher for the team. In fact, Posada never caught an inning, in a game or even in a bullpen session, at spring training.

"I never even got the chance to fight for my job, and that's probably the toughest thing as a human being, not being able to do your job,'' Posada said. "I felt demoted.''

Still, Posada said he approached his new assignment as the team's DH with enthusiasm -- until he got off to a rough start and soon lost half his job, against left-handed pitchers.

"I looked forward to being a DH, I really did,'' he said. "But when you're not going good and you can't go back to what you were good at, it's really tough to keep going.''

Posada said he did not blame Joe Girardi for what he considered his "demotion,'' but the two did not appear to have any interaction at th enews conference, although it is possible they spoke out of the presence of the media.

"I don't have an issue with him, I really don't,'' Posada said. "It was one of those things whereI think he was put in that situation. I think it came from upstairs. I don't have a problem with Joe.''

Said Girardi: "When you're a manager you're asked to make some tough decisions. I don't look back with any regrets. I love Jorge Posada. We shared so many great moments together. I'm not going to let one tough situation take away from the relationship that we have.''