Brady: I love Jeter, too

Yesterday, Dan Graziano told you, Eli Manning loves him some Derek Jeter. Now, we get word that Tom Brady also thinks Jeter is dreamy.

“You see someone who plays the game the way you think it needs to be played, like Derek Jeter. I love the way he plays the game,” Brady said on Media Day, according to the Daily News.

“Those great-caliber athletes you look up to and admire for what it takes day in and day out to be a great player. You always watch other athletes and how they play the game, what makes them successful.”

The Daily News went with the tale of the tape, comparing Gisele Bundchen to Jeter, which is good tabloid stuff that I'm sure caused some jealousy from my old buddies at The Post. The best stat in the News' graphic is that Bundchen supposedly makes $45 million a year, while Jeter makes a measly $17M.

Back in the day when I worked at The Post, I once talked to Tom Brady's dad and in the story I compared the younger Brady to Jeter for his clutch play and the fact they both have Michigan ties. I can tell you, the emails were not kind on that one. From Boston to New York, they felt it was sacrilege to compare these two players.

Over the years, even before Eli got good, I always felt like he handled the media, just like Jeter. He is polite enough, but doesn't often say anything very interesting. That's Jeter's playbook.

So here is a question: Who is more like Jeter? Eli or Brady?