Cashman with a classic Steinbrenner story

Brian Cashman told some really good stories at Sacred Heart University on Tuesday, but none may have been better than the one he recounted about Bob Quinn. Quinn, you'll remember, was the GM who preceded Bob Watson before Cashman got the job.

Quinn wasn't fired by George Steinbrenner. Instead, he resigned. Here's Cashman on how it went down:

"[Quinn] flies to Tampa and meets with George. George didn't know why [Quinn] was coming down. He has his briefcase and he opens the briefcase up and says, 'George, I was talking to my priest for the longest of time and he is worried about my health and I'm going to listen to him and I'm going to resign.

"So he hands him a letter of resignation and George looks at it and says, 'I'm not accepting this,' and he rips it up. So Bob [opens up his briefcase and] says, 'I thought you might do that so that is why I brought another copy.'"