Yankees still have a shot at Chavez

Eric Chavez could still become a Yankee, GM Brian Cashman said. With a little more than two weeks left, Cashman may still add Chavez as the team's backup infielder with a chance to DH a good amount. If Chavez didn't get hurt last year, he was on the verge of taking even more of Jorge Posada's at-bats away.

Chavez, who thought about retiring, liked his time last year with the Yankees. The Yankees also can't be entirely ruled out for the free agent DHs with Johnny Damon being especially intriguing. As we reported here last month, if the Yankees do sign one, it will be late and at their price. With so many DHs on the market (Damon, Vladimir Guerrero and Hideki Matsui to name a few), the Yankees might be able to be selective.