Source: We are in stare-down mode

Here is the latest on the A.J. Burnett talks involving the Pirates.

"We are in stare-down mode," an official with direct knowledge of the talks said late this afternoon.

The Angels are the west coast team with interest in Burnett, but Los Angeles is on Burnett's no-trade list. There have been no indication that Burnett will waive the clause to play on the west coast.

In talks with the Angels, former Yankee Bobby Abreu could be the target. Abreu is owed $9 million from Los Angeles, but doesn't appear to have a spot to play for him to play regularly.

It is not known yet if the Yankees have presented a Los Angeles or Pittsburgh scenario to Burnett, but my feeling is that they have and Burnett has so far turned down the option of going out west.

Sources still believe that the Pirates are the favorites to acquire Burnett, but no deal has been agreed to yet.