Bowden says A.J. deal will happen soon

Mike Stobe/Getty Images

Is the A.J. Burnett era with the Yankees finally coming to an end?How soon? Well, according to tweets by Jim Bowden, whom ESPN shares with XM-Sirius, it will be within the next 24 hours. Bowden tweets:

"NYY-PGH close to finalizing deal w/ Burnett.should get done in next 24 hours according to source;NYY weighing one last offer from other team."

He later tweeted:

"Pirates still working through the details at their end this hour NYY weighing one last proposal at their end this hour...tick tock tick tock"

An official with direct knowledge of the talks did tell ESPN New York earlier in the week, he thought a deal would be done prior to spring training. That's why Wally and I have been reporting all the "optimistic" stuff. Anyway, Burnett is still expected to be dealt. He is still likely to go to Pittsburgh. And Bowden chimes in it could happen before tomorrow night.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock. ....