A.J. says, "Tinker?" No chance

A.J. Burnett said the Yankees may have tinkered with him too much. That's rich. Burnett blaming the Yankees when they thought he was so bad they are paying $18 million for him not to pitch for them.

Here is the money quote from A.J.'s presser today in Bradenton.

"I let a few too many people tinker with me, maybe," Burnett said. "When you let that happen, you start doubting yourself sometimes. You wonder, 'Am I doing it right? Is this how it's supposed to feel?' and things like that. In '09, nobody messed with me. I was able to do what I wanted to do on the mound, whether it was turn around, close my eyes and pitch upside down. Then you have a few bad games and you start changing and listening."


Play DownloadBurnett has talked about being tinkered with before. This, I believe, goes back to '10 when he sort of blamed then-pitching coach Dave Eiland for his struggles. One problem, though? Burnett pitched well before Eiland took his leave of absence that year, then he stunk. Most thought Eiland helped make A.J. good.

The problem here is about responsibility. Burnett didn't know he should just take the blame that he had a five-plus ERA the last two years and didn't earn his money. That should have been it. But to blame anyone else is ridiculous.

Question: What do you think of A.J. "tinker comments?