Cashman to Yankees: Be like Lin

Brian Cashman brought a touch of Linsanity to the Yankees clubhouse today, when he told a group of young pitchers at the first day of workouts to Be Like Jeremy.

“It’s hard not to be caught up,’’ the Yankees GM said of Jeremy Lin, the young point guard who has energized the Knicks over the past few weeks, on “The Michael Kay Show’’ on ESPN New York 1050. “This is the stuff that transcends the sports world. This is a great story.’’

Cashman said he “invoked’’ Lin’s name at a team meeting Monday afternoon, using the 23-year-old sensation as an example of how quickly an unknown athlete can become a superstar in New York.

“Why can’t this be you?,’’ Cashman said he asked the group. “You see what’s going on with New York with Linsanity.’’

Cashman said he used the example of Ivan Nova, who went from a rookie emergency starter in 2010 to win 16 games last year and move up to No. 2 in the playoff rotation, as well as Joba Chamberlain’s electrifying debut in 2007, as comparable to Lin’s rise.

“We obviously have a lot of players in camp who want to be something,’’ Cashman said. “I told them, ‘Everybody writes about Manny Banuelos and Dellin Betances (two of the highly-touted Killer B's in Yankees camp), but what about you, (David) Phelps? What about you, (Adam) Warren? What about D.J. Mitchell? Why can’t this be you?’’

“He’s just an example of hope for a lot of people,’’ Cashman said of Lin. “So yeah, I’m caught up in it like everyone else is.’’