Derek Jeter knows more than you do

He knows more than I do, too. Just ask him.

Jeter made an appearance at the Yankees minor-league complex across the street from their training camp to do some hitting and take a little fielding practice. He also dropped a tantalizing nugget, telling reporters he knew what Mariano Rivera's decision for 2013 was. Of course, like Mo, he's not telling anyone.

The odds are Jeter does know -- he is too smart to say something like that and risk having Mariano deny telling him -- but the reality is that the more people who find out, the more likely someone will speak out of turn. When exactly does Alex Rodriguez get here, anyway?

Hey, this is the kind of stuff you think about when there are 67 players in the clubhouse, 24 of the 25 rosters spots are spoken for and the only competition is for the second left-hander out of the bullpen.