Hangin' with Michael Pineda

In a new feature of the blog, we have started Hangin', where we go off the field with the Yankees and learn a little more about them.

In the Yankees clubhouse, there is a big sign over the doorway that says, "Compete." Tucked in one corner of the room is the locker for CC Sabathia. Purposely, the Yankees have placed Manny Banuelos next to him on one side and Michael Pineda on the other.

Pineda has watched CC since he was a young kid. When asked who else he has followed, Pineda mentioned Roger Clemens and Pedro Martinez. His favorite all-time pitcher is by far his fellow Dominican, Martinez.

"Pedro Martinez," Pineda said, smiling and gushing. "He is my best pitcher. I like his emotion when he is on the mound. He attacked the hitter. I loved him."

When it was pointed out to the 6-foot-7 Pineda that he is nothing like Martinez because of his size, Pineda said, "Pedro's a little guy, but on the mound he is a big guy."

Pineda has never met Martinez, but the two have spoken once on the phone.